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Detection and Identification of Viable Spoilage Microorganisms

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Rapid Molecular Microbiological Method

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RT-PCR Workflow System for Quality Control of Beverages

Rapid Microbiology

Rapid detection and identification of spoilage microorganisms

Benefits of our Real-Time PCR Systems for beverage industry


Yeast&Mould rapid detection
Thermo-, Acidophilic bacteria, Alicyclobacillus rapid detection and identification
Brettanomyces/Dekkera yeasts rapid detection and identification

Real-Time PCR upgrade package


Consultancy, Training

System installation & testing

Application Assistance

Customized solutions

RT-PCR analyses of beverages

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MMM Beverage Partner Ltd. focuses on food and beverage rapid microbiology. We have developed, tested and introduced nucleic acid based Real-Time PCR workflow systems which detect and identify viable spoilage yeasts & moulds, thermo-, acidophilic bacteria and Brettanomyces/Dekkera yeasts in beverage samples, juices, teas, soft drinks, energy drinks and concentrates. Our products mean quick beverage product release. Our training programs and application assistances ensure the satisfaction and confidence of the customers.
Our system is approved by The Coca-Cola Company (SM-PR-675).
We are proud of our Real-Time PCR system being the first rapid PCR based microbiological method approved and recognized by Coca-Cola Hellenic as an alternative method to the conventional analysis.
Our mission and long term vision is to help beverage plants all over the world to cut down their quarantine time and save warehouse cost!


  • ” Coca-Cola Hellenic considers real time Polymerase Chain reaction technology (RT PCR) is one of the most effective method currently available which can provide quick reproducible results with a high level of confidence and reliability across a broad range of aseptic beverages. The specifically developed beverage test kits are proven to be an effective tool for both Quality assurance and Continue Reading

    Dr. Zoltan Syposs, Group Quality Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic,