Rapid Molecular Microbiology

The principle of LC-RT-PCR Workflow System is based on automated isolation of pure genomic DNA. The isolated nucleic acid is of high quality in terms of purity and integrity, and is suitable for PCR application. The instrumental background consists of “walk-away” equipments which require no hands-on time following set-up and protocol initiation:

Properties and adventages of the system:

Rapid analisys: Result can be gained within  3 hours Throughput of the LC RT-PCR Workflow System: 60 bottles / 1.5 h Quick release of your product will dramatically reduce your warehouse costs.

Robust: 100ml can be examined even from non-filterable beverages.

The same kit and protocol can be used for filterable and for non-filterable samples.

Sensitive and reproducable detection method: Even the presence of one single cell of unwanted microorganism in the sample can be detected and identified in one step.

Specificity:While all of spoilage maker microorganisms are detected, harmless microorganisms out of interest do not affect the result due to specific hybridization probes.

  Minimal human handling & Minimised possibility of human error: During this rapid, cross-contamination-free preparation of  nucleic acid and PCR set-up, filtration, centrifugation and other manual steps are completely eliminated. „Hand-free” solution is provided for amplification and identification processes as well as automated analyses of the results. Only the pre-cultivation step requires human act like pipetting. This will result in minimised possibility of human error There is no need to separate any sample components (e.g. fruit fibers) before the analysis which separation would mean the risk to lose contaminants attached to the separated components. Our system provides you the possibility to analyze the total contents of your sample even if it is 100% fruit juice.

Qualification results: Main taxonomic groups of yeasts and moulds can be separated while Thermo- and acidiphilic bacteria are identified on species level.    

Quantification results:The system gives you accurate information on the amount of living microorganisms of intrest in your sample.

Automatic evaluation and interpretation of results & Electronic storage of the data: All data are included in a report file. It is stored electronically and can be opened on request and can be printed for documentation.